domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

feliz lagartocumpleaños!

Os deseo un muy feliz cumpleaños lagartoncillas!!!
Parece mentira que ya haga 3 añitos desde que nos colocamos una pajita de riguroso color negro en la oreja y nos pusieramos a berrear Like a Prayer a la salida del Rey Lagarto... aaay! que tiempos aquellos!

Bueno majas, que cumplamos muchos más y nos esperen años de bonanza para poder celebrarlo con Belvedere!!!

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

An-Ti :)

This time, i'm gonna try to write in english, to make it easier for An-Ti to understand it.

Right before coming back to Madrid I uploaded a "Goodbye Bourges" post and I really wanted to write a "Back in Madrid" post as soon as i arrived, but it's been 3 weeks and i still haven't written it!
Trying to catch the rythm again it's been difficult, especially when you suddenly find yourself with so many things to do while you've spent the last 5 months doing absolutely nothing.

So here it goes! my first post in english!

It's really weird been back home and not having a room-mate anymore, yes it's true, I still have Tofu, but he doesn't tell me "See You" as nicely as An-Ti used to do.
Sometimes it seems my time in Bourges was just a dream (although i'm not quite sure if it would be a dream or a nightmare)
I came back and now I am immersed in the same routine as always, picking the same bus to go to the same university to attend to the same classes, going out to the same pub with the same friends as I used to do almost every weekend... I am even working in the same mall center I used to work 3 years ago!!!
I can't say I'm not happy... but i still have this funny feeling that tells me" hey, you're back, your erasmus is over, yes... you really went and came back" but did I?
I know it wasn't easy to come to this decision and I know that coming back was the right choice... now I'm  working hard at the university, attending to french lessons, going to the gym and I even found a weekend job... I don't have the feeling that I'm wasting my time anymore but I can't keep thinking about what I left behind in Bourges and wondering what would have happened if I had stayed... i know there's no use in pissing around like this... but I need to know that going to Bourges was worthy.

And having An-Ti around in Madrid a few days ago made me realize that being in Bourges wasn't such a waste of time, and that even though I came back too soon I managed to make it worthy. And at least I still have An-Ti's letters to remind me it wasn't just a dream.

Best room-mate EVER!